Monday, July 9, 2012

Tumblr Time

1. The manliest thing Superman has ever done.
2. Pokemon! 
3. There's a party in there.
4. Seashell bras are too mainstream for hipster mermaids. 
5. Moonrise Kingdom. This movie was so funny to me. And sweet. 
6. I want a bike. 
7. Got this little record in the mail this week :) 
8. Pretty. 
9. Howl's Moving Castle, so beautiful.
10. Just finished watching Spring Waltz. This is one of my favorite moments between the two main characters. 

Let's be tumb-buds!


  1. tumlbr is so addicting. I don't even have an account for that, but I find myself spending hours on there spying on other peoples stuff. That third photo is great! And I haven't seen moonrise kingdom yet, but I want to so bad!

  2. ahhh moonrise kingdom!! that quite possibly is my favorite movie, i wanna watch it over and over and over. and love the superman one haha

  3. love this! and that first picture is my absolute favorite!!!!
    xo TJ

  4. ah Spring Waltz. I love it. mmm Jae ha. oh gosh.
    these are beautiful.

  5. Love that bike print and the modest mermaid thing is too funny!



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