Sunday, February 8, 2015

Five Months

Happy 5 months of life to Gwendolyn. 
She is rolling around like nobody's business and kind of scooting herself towards toys and things she wants to touch. She's much more grabby, and teething seems to be bothering her lately. She doesn't have as many meltdowns as she used to when riding in the car, now. She's still not taking a pacifier- maybe I should just give up by this point, right? It's just that she likes to suck on our fingers sometimes before falling asleep, and it would be nicer if she would take the pacifier instead. Has anyone developed a finger-like pacifier?? These are things I actually yearn for. 
We're still not sure what her hair color will be. Right now it looks like a mix between ours- so a light brown. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm excited for next month when I'll introduce her to solid foods. Sure, the diapers will be worse, but it'll be nice to feed her other things besides my milk. I enjoy nursing her and I've been super lucky to be able to do so, but I'm ready to cut back. 
Gwennie, baby, we just adore you. It's ridiculous. 


  1. OBSESSED WITH THESE PICTURES. obsessed with your baby. obsessed with you… ok.

    also you should invent the finger-binkie and become a millionaire and live in a house made of finger-binkies. lol.

    1. Ha!! What a house.
      Obsessed with you, too.

  2. oh wow these are the most beautiful photographs ive ever seen, she is so adorable. happy 5 months ! id love it if youd comment back xx

  3. oh my goodness she is adorable, & i'm not sure if i've told you before, but i love her name!

  4. Ok seriously! Her smiling pictures are killing me!!!!!! SO ADORABLE!!!!!!

  5. Ah! she is the cutest thing :) I love her!! hehe


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