Monday, February 23, 2015

Finally Another Happy List

Long time, no blog. Why is that? Baby. And laziness. And teething. I've been meaning to post another happy list for a couple of weeks now-

Girl Scout cookies! Hello! I should have bought 5 boxes of Thin Mints, because really. 

Still loving my free book from Chatbooks. Want a free one as well? Use this code: AAM437N4. No really, who wouldn't want a free book of their photos? 

How cute are these pajamas? Baby Gap knows what's up.

I had the opportunity to participate in a Girls with Glasses music video. Gwen too, naturally. 
Valentine's Day was low-key and relaxing. We picnicked. 
A friend lent us this seat. It is so convenient for this baby that can't sit up on her own. 

Ryan's dad came for a short visit last Monday-Tuesday. 

We were at friends' house for dinner last week and they had this baby doll. 

I went to another Arizona blogger meet-up! The theme was Galentine's Day. For now I will just say that it was oodles of fun. I'll post a lot more about it later this week. 
Diner date. Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food? People are idiots. 

Other happy things-
- I finally found the protein bars my midwife suggested I buy a long time ago. They're in the refrigerated section with all the yogurt at Sprouts. When I spotted them, "At Last" was playing over the speakers. My love had come along. 
- I babysat a 7 year old who taught me about geography and chess. 
- News of family and friends coming to visit next month! It's going to be so good. 
- New boots.
- Gwen was babysat by someone other than family and she was well behaved. Win!
- Cactus socks. 
- My sister-in-law is in labor as I write this! I'll have another niece very soon.  I'm hoping we can visit next month. 

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  1. oh i'm excited to see that music video. you'll have to post a link when it's up!


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