Thursday, November 29, 2012

My 23rd Birthday

My birthday was last Tuesday and it was a swell day! I slept in, had chocolate chip waffles, went on a little picnic with my sister, and had sushi with husby and some friends.

The weather was really nice too, which made me super happy. It was an ideal autumn day. 

This year, Ryan requested that I come with him to shop for my birthday present. He knew that he wanted to buy me a black cardigan (I've been complaining that I needed a plain black cardigan for some time now...), but he also knows how particular I am with clothing and he didn't want to pick out the wrong thing. So we went shopping on Monday night and I picked up this cardigan at Target. I also got new pajama pants from Old Navy. (They're so warm and comfy!) I think we should make it a tradition go together to pick out my birthday presents from now on. It's so much easier on the both of us: Ryan doesn't have to stress out about what to get me and I don't have to be nervous about what he decides to pick out! haha. 


So. The funniest thing happened at the sushi restaurant. We had all finished eating and were just chatting for a bit. Our friends, Tara and Matt, have a really cute baby. I mean look at her!
Actually, this gif doesn't really show how adorable she is. If you want to see her true cuteness, check out these photos. I DIGRESS. Anyway, Matt was sitting with Kyra on his lap when the sushi chef decides to come over to talk to us. (To give you a good picture of the chef, he's on the older side and I belief that english if his second language.) He asks Matt how old their baby is, and before he can answer, the chef snatches Kyra out of Matt's arms. 

And then he just hugged her.

For like, two minutes straight. 

I could see the panic in Tara's face...

 ...and how she was ready to run after the chef if he had decided to kidnap that ball of cuteness. 

But seriously. He couldn't resist holding her. He had a huge smile on his face the whole time too, so that was pretty adorable. He was holding her for a long time, but not long enough for me to take a photo! Tara and I both grabbed our cameras at the same time, but that's when the chef had decided that he had had his baby fix and he handed her back to Matt. Bummer! 

After dinner we went to get frozen custard. Then my sister-in-law came to visit for a bit. Then I went over to Holly's to watch Moonrise Kingdom. So yes, it was a great day. 

I only wish that I would have gotten a photo of Ryan and I. He had really spoiled me that day :) 
Thanks, Sugar. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Partyin' Partyin' Yeah

Happy Birthday to meeeeee.

I've been meaning to have a button swap, and today seems like the perfect day for it! Now is the time. So! If you grab my blog button (to the left, there!), I'll grab yours to display here. Just leave a comment saying you've done so. It's a party for everyone!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


The day after Thanksgiving we went to the mountains, to the sight of my in-laws' future home. It was a pretty chill visit. We planned on hiking, but after exploring and eating and choppin' up some wood, we all agreed that it was just too cold to stay. Ha, we are definitely New Mexicans. My toes were so cold, they hurt.

So yes, the break is over! I'm sure that most students can agree that Thanksgiving break is not relaxing. The entire week I was either doing homework or silently freaking out about not doing my homework. I would think, "Hey! I just need to relax, man. I'm on break!" But then immediately after I'd think, "Oh my gosh, I have soooooo much to do before Monday..." It's a constant battle, and it always ends up in procrastination. Why, at this moment I'm procrastinating. I thought I'd take a small blogging break from writing my paper, but it has been a little over an hour now.... 

I'm glad there are only three more weeks of this, and then the mother of all vacations will commence: WINTER BREAK. When I can actually relax. 

I hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving. 
And I wish you students out there good luck on final exams and projects. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Last Week of 22

Today is the last Tuesday that I will be 22 years old. 

So I've complied a birthday wish list: 

1. 50 mm lens for my Canon

2. Wireless remote for my Canon. This will come in handy for easier outfit posts. And future family photos!! 

3. High-waisted skinnies from Forever 21 

4. Another item from F21 

5. Any one of these bed sets form Target 

6. Record player. It's time. 

This list also doubles as a Christmas wish list :) 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Friend Emilio

I've known Emilio for a little over 5 years now. We went to the same high school and were in the same art class. We still have art classes together at the university. He pretty much introduced me to photography, being a photographer himself. 

I'm taking more portraits for my large format photo class and I asked Emilio if he'd model for me. I had my digital camera on hand as well, so I took this opportunity to take some outfit photos. Yay! Men's fashion! 
His cardigan matches the leaves....

Emilio is judging you. 

p.s. I do not condone smoking in any form. 
He brought his pipe as a prop for other portraits. 
*photo tip!* It's sometimes easier to pose for the camera while holding a prop of some sort. Pictures tend to look more natural with simple props on hand; it gives your hands something to do rather than being limp at your sides. The more you know!