Sunday, November 11, 2012

Couch Potato

Random ramblings on a Sunday night. 

Let see. I went to see Pitch Perfect with my sister on Friday. Soooo funny. I do love movies with singing. I helped out with a kids' basketball team photo shoot Saturday morning. The basketball looked so big in their skinny little arms! We attended a much anticipated baptism afterwards. Cool! Then some grocery shopping was done. And today I taught a lesson at church. I came home with the intention of photographing my outfit, but instead watched The Secret of Nymh with Ryan and took a nap (in my church outfit). By the time I awoke from the nap, it was already too dark to take photos. I really like my outfit, too.... While my week looks busy with homework and laundry and deadlines, I still hope to blog a couple of outfits. 

I may have to work on Thanksgiving. I actually don't mind all that much. As the years pass by, I realized that I'm not too crazy about the holiday. (Call me un-American.) Especially when it lands on my birthday. Don't worry, not this year! I do love being with family, but I don't love turkey or football. And I always want to dress up all nice for Thanksgiving dinner, but no one really follows my lead, which is a bummer. Otherwise, it just feels like any other day of the year? If I do end up working that day, I'll make sure to have someone save me some pumpkin pie. And speaking of my birthday, I'm actually planning somewhat of a party! My ideal birthday would be to have a surprise party. I've always wanted one! It's kind of an impossible thing to wish for yourself, a surprise party, because if it actually happens, you probably won't be that surprised. 

In other news, I have become obsessed with this singer from Russia, Alexander Rybak:


I've been listening to his music on youtube and one thing led to another... Just look at that face! And if you think he couldn't be more attractive, check out this adorable video:


So uh, yeah. These songs have kinda been on repeat for the past couple of days. 

This post is probably boring to most of you. But if it was boring, you probably didn't watch these videos. Do yourself a favor and swoon as you watch Mr. Rybak sing, dance, and play the violin. Oh, I didn't mention that he plays violin? Well. This should give you more reason to watch. 

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