Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm Singing Ooh-ah

Last night I was thinking about what life will be like after college. I, like most students, I suspect, have a love/hate relationship with school. I love creating new things through photography and other art forms. I hate writing papers and how I always seem to procrastinate. I love getting feedback and new ideas from my fellow students. I hate memorizing names of paintings, artists, and dates. etc. etc. Most importantly, I'm glad that I'm in school, learning all these things. And I love when I can see my own progress! 

I've mostly been thinking about how "creative" I will remain once I graduate. I'd like to continue to make projects on my own time, but will I find the drive to do it without a deadline or a grade? I suppose I can create my own deadlines? Any former art students out there that have found it difficult to continue with art once you've graduated/started a family? 
Hey, Thanksgiving break is next week. I will be doing homework all throughout next week. Some break, eh? At least this homework involves taking photographs.
shirt, jacket: thrifted, pants: Marshall's, shoes: Target 


  1. Loving the colored skinny jean trend! Red is superb on you!
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  2. Beverly your so cute! I would love to have you take my photos! You're so talented. Hey, if you're ever in Utah or im ever in new Mexico....haha. I love these red jeans on you! And that top is so pretty and flowy i bet it goes with everything! And yay! Button swap buddies :) I'll grab one of yours tonight after work!

  3. Hi Beverly. The sheer top is gorgeous. It looks good on you. You rock it girl. The top suits with red skinny's. Both of it is a trendy garments.
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