Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trees, Voting, and Getting Lost

So I found a gloriously yellow tree as I was driving home from voting today. It's the most autumn-y tree I've seen so far. We've still got a LOT of green around these parts, so you can imagine my excitement when I drove past this beauty of a tree. 

And yes! I voted! 
I felt pretty empowered on my drive to and from the voting center. Kinda silly, but it was exciting! It wasn't my first time voting, but it feels a lot different this time around, I guess. I'm excited/nervous to see the results. BUT, I'm even more excited for all political stuff to die down a bit. Facebook has become unbearable! 

In other news... 
I went to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower last night with my buddy from work. We have been waiting for it to come to our city, but it never came. So we decided to go see it in El Paso, Texas, about an hour from where we live. What. A. Disaster.  Adventure! We got a bit lost on the way there. We ended up driving along the U.S. / Mexico border... It was quite frightening, considering the drug war that's been happening. We even passed by a sign stating: "Do not pick up hitchhikers." Fun stuff. We finally got to the theater and watched the glorious movie! I criiiiiiied. So many feels! Ugh, so good. I'd go see it again if I didn't have to drive another couple of hours. 

So afterwards, we got some IHOP, drove along, and then got off the highway by accident (don't ask) and got lost again. We were driving along in downton El Paso... and got pulled over for driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Kind of humiliating.... While the cop was asking my friend questions, I sat in the passenger seat, giggling and making light jokes. Ya know, to lighten the mood! The cop then asked if I had been drinking. Nice. "Oh! I don't drink!" I promptly shut my mouth. 

I feel bad that my friend has to appear in court, but we had a fun drive back once we found our way again (with help from the cop). Turns out we both love to sing along to Disney songs and other musicals. Friendship: made. 

dress: thrifted, cardigan & leggings: gifted, belt: F21, shoes: Target


  1. Pictures..Amazing!
    Yellow tree...Mindblowing!
    Your outfit... Perfection!
    Getting lost in a border town and driving the wrong way?...Not good. Not good!

    Glad you guys are safe!


    PS. Love the hearts on your belt.. I love heart everything!

  2. Love your pretty dress and that is a great yellow tree! You are so beautiful! Sounds like quite the adventure you had! I really want to see that movie although I didn't read the book or anything..
    Oh, and thanks for your latest comment on my blog! Def made my day ;)

  3. you should feel empowered when heading to the voting booth!! it is a big deal, it is a privilege and a great opportunity! and i think your outfit is super cute and perfect for tree-climbing

  4. Lovely dress(:

  5. Just found your blog! I love your just voted pin you are wearing!


  6. oh such pretty leaves! I love climbing trees:)


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