Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy National Bow Tie Day!

shirt, skirt: thrifted, bow tie: I have no idea actually..., belt: F21, flats: Payless 

Aight peeps, I actually started off national bow tie day with a different outfit. My original bow tie outfit included tan pants and my gray oxfords. I wore it for half of the day too, but I increasingly became uncomfortable. It was a bit too... masculine? for my taste. Plus, it was really hot walking around campus in pants and shoes that I had to wear socks with. So during my break between classes I changed into this and instantly felt less hot and more comfortable with my appearance. And confident. Clothes, you're so weird! 
Also, it's Pee Wee Herman's (Paul Rubens) 60th birthday today. What the what? 

So this makes me ask, "Is it bow tie day because it's Pee Wee's birthday, or is it just a happy coincidence?" 
Anyone got the answers? 

Monday, August 27, 2012


Here's yesterday's church outfit. 

So I didin't have the most exciting weekend. I bought The Hunger Games on blu-ray and watched a ton of special features. I painted my nails. And this happened: 

We did go to a little get together yesterday to celebrate a friend's birthday. It involved cheesecake, babies, and (the board game) Imaginiff. Anyone ever play it? I'm too lazy to explain all the rules, but there was a card that said "If so-and-so were a beatle, which would they be?" As I read off the names, a few people said they didn't know the names of The Beatles. I died a little inside. 
Also, let's laugh at how small and kiddish I look in this picture:
skirt: thrifted, dress (worn as a top): F21, shoes: Payless, necklace: Icing's 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Some Non-Business Photography

I've forgotten just how cool this park is, people. While there the other day, I realized that it's a great place to take family photos. I'll suggest it the next time I get an offer for a photo shoot. 

Someone doesn't like having his photo taken... 

This is my favorite non-people photograph that I've taken in a while. 

This park has so many great shapes to photograph. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School

First day of school outfit. 

 So, school was good. My art history teacher is funny. My drawing teacher is... ok? I don't know what to think of him yet. I won't find out what the rest of my teachers will be like until Monday. 

My friend Emilio took these pictures for me. We met at the park so I could return his lens. I gotta get my own 50mm lens. It's so good. 

dress: thrifted, capris: Old Navy, shoes: Payless, necklace & belt: F21

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ABQ Temple Trip

My outfit was inspired by these bloggers: ElizabethMarlen, and Tieka. Go ahead and click on the names to see their mint & mustard outfits :) I was truly excited to see this color pairing for the first time, and even more excited when I realized that I could recreate the look. 

Yes, these photos were taken on the grounds of the Albuquerque LDS temple, with the help of my friend Holly. 

shirt: thrifted, skirt: thrifted/vintage, shoes: Payless, necklace: Splendid  

Some Instagram goodness: 

Of course we had to take a trip to Forever 21 and Trader Joe's. Our sad little town denies us of these luxuries, haha. 

It was a really great trip. We both felt so much peace after our session in the temple. I definitely feel recharged. Come at me, life! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

White Sands at Sunset

You guys, I had so much fun with these photos. Like I said, I've always wanted to have a photo session at White Sands and I was not disappointed with the outcome of these photos of this lovely family. As I was editing these I kept smiling. They just make me so happy! And they kinda make me wanna start a family with Ryan, like asap. Haha. I mean, just look at how happy everyone is. I've never felt that way about starting a family before. What is happening to me. 
I got the question "Where exactly is this White Sands?" the last time I posted pictures from here, so I'll tell ya. It's not in northern New Mexico. It's about 4 hours from Albuquerque, actually. It's in between Las Cruces and Alamogordo. So come visit :) 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

That is One Pretty Family

Here are some of my favorites from a recent family shoot I did. 
Cute couple, cute baby, and one awesome view of the mountains in this here desert. I also have another family shoot I recently did at White Sands. I've always wanted to have a photo shoot there, and I am really pleased with the outcome of the photos. I'll post them tomorrow!