Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy National Bow Tie Day!

shirt, skirt: thrifted, bow tie: I have no idea actually..., belt: F21, flats: Payless 

Aight peeps, I actually started off national bow tie day with a different outfit. My original bow tie outfit included tan pants and my gray oxfords. I wore it for half of the day too, but I increasingly became uncomfortable. It was a bit too... masculine? for my taste. Plus, it was really hot walking around campus in pants and shoes that I had to wear socks with. So during my break between classes I changed into this and instantly felt less hot and more comfortable with my appearance. And confident. Clothes, you're so weird! 
Also, it's Pee Wee Herman's (Paul Rubens) 60th birthday today. What the what? 

So this makes me ask, "Is it bow tie day because it's Pee Wee's birthday, or is it just a happy coincidence?" 
Anyone got the answers? 


  1. girl. this outfit is my fav! you rock a bow tie.

  2. Yay for bowties! Such a cute outfit! It's nice that girls can sport them too!

  3. Is is even possible for an outfit with a Bowie NOT to look cute?? This is seriously adorable. And now I'm curious about that too...

  4. That bow tie looks so cute on you...I'm pretty sure I would look ridiculous wearing it, haha. I would love for you to come link up to my Sunday Style linky party :)

    P.S. Now following your cute blog!


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