Thursday, September 30, 2010

I am engaged :)

Yes indeed, to that sweet and adorable boyfriend of mine. 

The day he proposed was so romantic, I was very impressed. He showed up on my doorstep with a bouquet and took me to go eat my favorite food ever: sushi. I hadn't eaten it for quite some time, so it was very exciting. We went to a new Japanese restaurant in town and it was SUPER delicious. After that we went to look at CDs and I bought some Fleet Foxes. New music is always fun :) We went to my sister's afterward so I could pick up the camera I lent her, and as we were walking out her door, he said that he had written a song for me. There is a park across from my sister's house, so we sat on the bench as he sang and played. It was so cute, I asked him to sing to me again. 

And then as I stood up to go, he got on his knee with the ring and said that he loves me so much and will I please marry him. I love him. 

We are getting married on January 8th, 2011.