Friday, April 7, 2017

Toddler Test Kitchen

The best part about being a blogger is getting opportunities to do new things. We were invited to participate in a toddler cooking class at the Halle Heart Children's Museum and I'm so glad that I jumped at the opportunity! I really wanted to have a mother daughter date with Gwen because I've been feeling a little guilty/bad for her since most of my attention is towards the baby these days. It was really nice to give her all of my attention and help her cook. I never really think about having Gwen help me cook at home, so I looked at this class as a "test run" to see if she's ready to take directions. It helped that the kitchen was a super low-key, comfortable atmosphere. It has to be when you're dealing with toddlers, right? lol 

We learned to make avocado banana muffins. Gwen helped pour in the ingredients, mash the banana and avocado, squeeze lemon juice, and stir it all together. She especially liked taste testing. 

While everyone was waiting for the muffins to bake, we read a story about eating fruits and veggies and then colored this fun worksheet. 

The finished muffins! Gwen and I thought they were delicious. It was hard saving a couple for Ryan to eat... I just wanted to eat them all!

I really want to go to another class! It's such a fun activity to do with little kids and it's so nice to prepare food without having to clean up afterward! It's also a great way to learn new, healthy recipes. Now that I've been once, I feel like I'd be comfortable taking Fox in my Ergobaby carrier. Yaffi, our cook, was wearing her baby the whole time she taught. It inspired me!

The Halle Heart Children's Museum has offered my readers a 10% discount code!
Just use TTK-WhatADay at checkout! This code is applicable for individual tickets as well as the 4-class series option for all upcoming Toddler Test Kitchen classes. I love the multi-class deal they'll be having this summer. This sounds like a great indoor activity to stay out of the heat in the upcoming months! 

Here's information on how to register- Toddler Test Kitchen. 
Who wants to come with us?? 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Before Fox

About a month(?) before Fox was born, my lovely friend Lydia offered to take our family portraits. In film! I've barely ordered the prints and downloaded digital copies of my favorites to share here. I love taking photos in this location! The desert can be so pretty. I love looking at photos of my big baby belly. At the time, I didn't feel like I was that big by the end. Ha! I was wrong. Pregnancy is kind of surreal.  

Ok! This picture of Gwen! She looks so much younger, but it was only a few months ago?? I'll cherish this little baby faced photo forever. 

Thanks for the gorgeous photos, Lydia!
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