Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Favorite Person to Photograph

My younger sister is a babe. We had so much fun shooting these photos yesterday. It was my chance to practice some new poses and photo techniques, and I am very proud of the outcome! It made me really excited about doing more photo shoots this summer. Now if I can find some clients.... :) 
p.s. I'm having a sale! Save 30% all summer long! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

My Fears + Video Linkup

Fears from Beverly Houpt on Vimeo.

A video in which I answer the question: what are three legitimate fears?
Sorry if the audio is kinda weird!
Check out Emily's blog and play along by making your own video and posting the link here in the comment section! I think she'll be making this a weekly thing, so you can expect more videos from me.  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

An Office

I've never had an office room before. Even growing up, my parents' desk was in their bedroom. Ryan and I had an extra room in our first apartment together, but we didn't have a desk, and so the spare bedroom was basically used as a trash storage room of sorts and we didn't dare step foot in it. This room was heading in that direction, so when I heard that my friend was selling her desk, I jumped at the chance to buy it. I mentioned that we never had an office growing up, but I also never had my own desk before either. My homework was always done on the couch or in my bed. So I am REALLY enjoying having this desk. And I've enjoyed cleaning, organizing, and decorating this room as well. 
"Running Centaurs", linocut relief print, 2010

"Chemical Storm", linocut/bleach/fabric, 2012
top image: "The Blogger", Susan Rockstraw, 2013 (See more of her awesome levitation photos here!)
bottom image: "In His Pocket", 2012 
"3D Vision", acrylic paint/sharpie, 2008 
In other news, Eisley's new album is pretty good. It's streaming on Pandora until Tuesday, so go have a listen! My favorites: Millstone (Chauntelle, your voice is so lovely), Wonder English (cute cute), Save My Soul (the beginning of this song confused me. It did not sound like Eisley, but more like a mainstream/radio song. Know what I mean? But it get's better, and the bridge is my favorite.), and Drink the Water

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I make my own rules....

5 Questions from Beverly Houpt on Vimeo.

Basically, I wanted to make a video. I wasn't "tagged" or anything, but it looked like a lot of fun, so there. Also, I wanna apologize that the answer to question three is so dang long! 

I tag:
Mikelle from The Honeypie Archives
Sherri from Sherri Amour

And a few that I forgot to mention!!!
Caitlyn from Most Adoringly
Anne from Annemal Soup
Emily from Some Girl- A Diary
(well I guess I have more blogging friends than I thought!) 

But if you're reading this and were not tagged, then go ahead and make a video if you want! And if you do make a video, you can comment here and leave a link, because I'd love to watch it :)  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

(Late!) Friday Friendzy

This lil' photo sesh with Anne was a lot less fun than our previous photo sessions. Let me tell you why~ There were a few creepy guys watching us from across the street. I mean, they were just hanging out on their apartment balcony smoking their cigarettes, but it just felt super awkward being watched.... And it's a shame because this is a pretty cool location to take photos, but now I don't want to go back any time soon for fear of being stared at again. 
So this place is an abandoned bar. Anne said she thinks they closed down because they would serve to minors all the time. haha 
This is my third summer with this dress. It is the perfect summer dress and I love it. I always seem to get a compliment every time I wear it. If only Down East would make more dresses similar to this one! 
dress: Down East Basics, shoes & belt & headband: Target, pin: antique store 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Photography Sale!

For all you local peeps, I'm having a sale! 
Save 25% when you book a session this month. The session can be any time within the next six months. So get your family photos, engagements, wedding, or any other event photographed for 25% off! Feel free to send me an email: bhoupt_photos@yahoo.com, or visit my facebook page and leave a message! Tell a friend! 

Monday, May 13, 2013


I've had this dress since last summer and have not worn it until yesterday! It was originally about eight inches longer before I hemmed it. I had planned on wearing it but never got around to it I guess? Then I bought this blouse and it was a match made in heaven. 
Today I plan on calling that restaurant about that job. Also, the place my mom works at is hiring, so I plan on applying there too! Come on jobs! I'm feeling pretty optimistic about all of this! 
dress: thrifted, blouse: Target (50% off!), shoes: gift, earrings: Icing's 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I gave my mother and mother-in-law fairly simple gifts this Mother's Day. Although they were simple, I figured that I would love to receive a scented candle and some fancy chocolate (which is why I bought some for myself too...) so why wouldn't they? Speaking of chocolate, I got a ton of it at church! I love that they include all women when handing out the Mother's Day gifts. I also received some Bath and Body Works soap. Score. 

I assume that most of you have seen this video celebrating mothers from the church already, but if not then here! 
I don't know about you, but I started bawling at 1:26. 

Happy belated Mother's Day!