Saturday, May 25, 2013

An Office

I've never had an office room before. Even growing up, my parents' desk was in their bedroom. Ryan and I had an extra room in our first apartment together, but we didn't have a desk, and so the spare bedroom was basically used as a trash storage room of sorts and we didn't dare step foot in it. This room was heading in that direction, so when I heard that my friend was selling her desk, I jumped at the chance to buy it. I mentioned that we never had an office growing up, but I also never had my own desk before either. My homework was always done on the couch or in my bed. So I am REALLY enjoying having this desk. And I've enjoyed cleaning, organizing, and decorating this room as well. 
"Running Centaurs", linocut relief print, 2010

"Chemical Storm", linocut/bleach/fabric, 2012
top image: "The Blogger", Susan Rockstraw, 2013 (See more of her awesome levitation photos here!)
bottom image: "In His Pocket", 2012 
"3D Vision", acrylic paint/sharpie, 2008 
In other news, Eisley's new album is pretty good. It's streaming on Pandora until Tuesday, so go have a listen! My favorites: Millstone (Chauntelle, your voice is so lovely), Wonder English (cute cute), Save My Soul (the beginning of this song confused me. It did not sound like Eisley, but more like a mainstream/radio song. Know what I mean? But it get's better, and the bridge is my favorite.), and Drink the Water

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  1. This is such a great and inspiring space! I'm moving into a new apartment with a den that i'm going to make into an office, you've given me some good ideas! ;)


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