Friday, May 10, 2013

Summer is Here

Hurray hurray, summer is here! Like the end of each semester, I am amazed that I actually finished all my projects and passed all my classes. So I'll just update y'all on what I've been up to lately.
This here is my final project for my video class. After its critique I realized that it could use more editing, but I do not have the program to edit it, so it will just have to stay this way until/if I decide to fix it next semester. 
from Beverly Houpt on Vimeo.

I feel that I have excelled in printmaking! Although my teacher did not seem to think so. He gave me a C. A bloody C. If you would like to read about my EXTREME DISLIKE for this teacher, please read this tumblr post.  It's a really good thing that he won't be teaching next semester.
Also, my work was on display in the art building along with my printmaking buddies! 
In other news, I was interviewed by the school paper about my work for the photo show.
I made a light box for my independent study credits and learned a lot about lighting. 
We had a print exchange in photo class, so I now have a pretty neat photo collection made up of my classmates' work! And my teacher made us all these neat portfolios to keep them in. 
These dresses are not my creations, but I just wanted to share them with you. They were made by a former classmate of mine and were on display at the BFA show tonight. It was one of my favorite displays! These are designed and painted by Jennifer Murray. 
After the BFA show, Ryan and I were talking about it and art in general. Ryan is a left brain thinker so he doesn't understand art the same way I do. This fact led us into all sorts of conversations about the type of art he would create if he were to take art courses. Most of it was nonsense involving fish, taxidermy, and large crayons. Funnily enough, as we continued to talk about his ridiculous art ideas and his suggestions for my art, he actually had a pretty great idea, and I intend to use it for my BFA show next semester. No, I will not share it yet! But I will tell you that it will be interactive! And now I am very, very excited for next semester. 

(Some more art that is not mine~) 

So now that it it summer and I am jobless, I am kind of freaking out. I need a job not only for money but for something to do! I need to occupy my time! I may have a shot at getting hired at a restaurant that my friend works at, but she has told me not to call them until after this weekend~ graduations and mother's day are a pretty busy time for them. I really hope I get this job! It's a good atmosphere and I hear the managers are pretty easy going about asking for time off when needed. Your good vibes and prayers are highly appreciated :)

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