Monday, April 30, 2012


This weekend: 
Temple time...

Baby time... 


Ryan looks unimpressed, but still cute. 

Also. I've had this song in my head. All. Weekend. 
And I may or may not have developed a huge crush on Neil Patrick Harris.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Denim, Lace, and New Hair

Mm-hm, chopped off that hair yesterday.
The hairstylist was teaching me more about how to, ya know, style my hair and products I should use, and stuff like that. Yeah, I know very little about styling my hair, which is WHY I'm still considering getting it cut shorter. 

Friday was a great day. I got most of my final darkroom project finished, got a hair cut (oh, already mentioned that), and went on a date. Also. I ran into my ex's mom at the mall, and it WAS NOT awkward. I always imagined such an event to be the literal worst, but it was actually fun talking to her again. What  a sweetie. 

shirt: interwebz
skirt: Down East
vest: Forever 21
flats: Target

We're currently in Albuquerque visiting with Ryan's sister for baby Emma's blessing tomorrow. 
Stay tuned. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Me This and Me That

Oh look, an outfit post. It's not much of an outfit. I knew that today would be 90+ degrees so I dressed accordingly. I'm guessing that my summer uniform will be different variations of this outfit here: a shirt (TRY to avoid layering! It's just TOO hot.), shorts/a skirt, sandals, and a popsicle (optional, but a good idea). 
It looks like I've gained a few followers :) Yay! Thanks for reading.
Because of this, I've decided to do this lil' survey I stole from Cats and Cardigans

I am Beverly Marie Houpt, and I’m still trying to get used to my new last name.
I think that I could be a better student if I set my priorities straight… but that means less blogging and internet in general… So we’ll see how that goes.
I am happy when I get good feedback during critiques in class.
I have a lot of feelings.
I miss my friends in California.
I fear that I’ll have a weird lookin’ baby.
I feel like I need a massage.
I smell mediocre.
I usually prefer junk food to fruit… I’m working on it.
I search my apartment daily for things I lose.
I wonder why some people are so disrespectful.
I regret not eating more sushi before I got married. Ryan always says it’s too expensive.
I love Ryan, even though he denies me of sushi.
I care not enough about some things, and too much over dumb things.
I tell my sister lots and lots of things that no one else would understand.
I worry that I won’t finish college. (Money, alright?)
I am not tall or even of average height.
I remember eating kumquats and the stems of flowers in my grandparents’ backyard as a child.
I believe in Christ.
I sing along with Eisley a lot.
I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. Just kidding. I never drink beer. But if I did…
I don’t like grapefruit.
I write mostly on this blog. A little on tumblr, too.
I lose in Settlers of Catan every time.
I dance whenever I can.
I wish I could dance more often.
I never have gone skinny dipping before. Sounds exhilarating, right?
I listen to my friend’s opinions.
I don’t understand chemistry, but I’m amazed with it.
I can usually be found on the couch, watching a movie. Seriously.
I need motivation to work out!
I “forget” to wash the dishes.

Also, check out my hair:
It's too long and weird and I just wanna cut it. Hopefully this Friday??
Stay tuned. 

Monday, April 23, 2012


Despite how realistic this photo may seem... Chuck Testa. 
Just kidding. But really. 
I wanted to get an idea of how my hair would look if I were to CHOP it all off so I hopped on over to this website. It's pretty entertaining. 


I'll probably end up going with something like this ^
Then later, when I acquire more guts, I'll upgrade to something like this ^

I just don't know, you guys. 


Here's what's been going on in the photography department:
I recreated a photo of my sister for my latest assignment. It's not the greatest recreation (compared to these), but it'll do. I'm a little nervous about the critique tomorrow, but oh wells. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

More Awful Things, More Awesome Things

(A recent printmaking project of mine)

Awful things this last week: 
1. Missing out on my sister's Birthday dinner because I had to finish a project that night. (It was sushi too!)
2. Procrastination...
3. COMPLETELY being misinformed about a critique in my printmaking class. So. Unprepared.
4. New co-workers that are best friend, high school cheerleaders...
5. Finding out that a relative of mine has breast cancer :(

Awesome things this last week: 
1. Finding a check for $50 that I forgot I had. sdfjljdsfgjlasd!!!
2. Looking through old photographs at the in-laws'.
3. Easter. And homemade strawberry shortcake.
4. Tax return.
5. Killing lots of roaches >:)
6. Finding this photo of my deceased great grandmother:
I'm not too sure if she realizes what she's wearing. 

Looks like this awful/awesome thing is gonna be a regular type of post around here. 
Happy Monday to all. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Awful Things, Awesome Things

Good Day. 
Just reminiscing this last week...

Some awful things that happened:
1. My partner in Art History decided to drop the class right before our presentation, leaving me to give the presentation alone. 
2. Having a bad, bad case of the Mondays. 
3. The exterminator came... but two days after he did, we saw four cockroaches. Gross. I've gotta take matters into my own hands. 
4. Getting my grade back from the last exam. 
5. Spending $11 on printing some photos at Kinkos for a project when I should have printed them at school for $4. 

Some awesome things that happened: 
1. Skipping a class and finding out the next day that it was cancelled all along. Win! 
2. Hanging out with a good friend that I haven't seen in a long time. 
3. Hello Panda Cookies at the dollar section of Target. 
4. Organizing the apartment. 
5. Going on an impromptu double date and eating some dang good New Mexican food at Andele's. 
6. Buying gifts for people =^.^= 
7. Singing at the Easter fireside for church. 

So I'm realizing that it's pretty tough to try and keep a blog while having no internet. This is why I hardly post. I always think of taking outfit photos, but I get a little exhausted just thinking of when I'll be able to post them. We've already discussed how I'm not comfortable blogging where other people could possibly see what I'm up to in this post. I know I haven't got a lot of followers of this blog, so maybe my presence isn't missed too much. *shrug* 

I hope to get back in the habit of blogging  my little heart out, but until then, have a nice life.