Monday, April 9, 2012

Awful Things, Awesome Things

Good Day. 
Just reminiscing this last week...

Some awful things that happened:
1. My partner in Art History decided to drop the class right before our presentation, leaving me to give the presentation alone. 
2. Having a bad, bad case of the Mondays. 
3. The exterminator came... but two days after he did, we saw four cockroaches. Gross. I've gotta take matters into my own hands. 
4. Getting my grade back from the last exam. 
5. Spending $11 on printing some photos at Kinkos for a project when I should have printed them at school for $4. 

Some awesome things that happened: 
1. Skipping a class and finding out the next day that it was cancelled all along. Win! 
2. Hanging out with a good friend that I haven't seen in a long time. 
3. Hello Panda Cookies at the dollar section of Target. 
4. Organizing the apartment. 
5. Going on an impromptu double date and eating some dang good New Mexican food at Andele's. 
6. Buying gifts for people =^.^= 
7. Singing at the Easter fireside for church. 

So I'm realizing that it's pretty tough to try and keep a blog while having no internet. This is why I hardly post. I always think of taking outfit photos, but I get a little exhausted just thinking of when I'll be able to post them. We've already discussed how I'm not comfortable blogging where other people could possibly see what I'm up to in this post. I know I haven't got a lot of followers of this blog, so maybe my presence isn't missed too much. *shrug* 

I hope to get back in the habit of blogging  my little heart out, but until then, have a nice life. 

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