Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Me This and Me That

Oh look, an outfit post. It's not much of an outfit. I knew that today would be 90+ degrees so I dressed accordingly. I'm guessing that my summer uniform will be different variations of this outfit here: a shirt (TRY to avoid layering! It's just TOO hot.), shorts/a skirt, sandals, and a popsicle (optional, but a good idea). 
It looks like I've gained a few followers :) Yay! Thanks for reading.
Because of this, I've decided to do this lil' survey I stole from Cats and Cardigans

I am Beverly Marie Houpt, and I’m still trying to get used to my new last name.
I think that I could be a better student if I set my priorities straight… but that means less blogging and internet in general… So we’ll see how that goes.
I am happy when I get good feedback during critiques in class.
I have a lot of feelings.
I miss my friends in California.
I fear that I’ll have a weird lookin’ baby.
I feel like I need a massage.
I smell mediocre.
I usually prefer junk food to fruit… I’m working on it.
I search my apartment daily for things I lose.
I wonder why some people are so disrespectful.
I regret not eating more sushi before I got married. Ryan always says it’s too expensive.
I love Ryan, even though he denies me of sushi.
I care not enough about some things, and too much over dumb things.
I tell my sister lots and lots of things that no one else would understand.
I worry that I won’t finish college. (Money, alright?)
I am not tall or even of average height.
I remember eating kumquats and the stems of flowers in my grandparents’ backyard as a child.
I believe in Christ.
I sing along with Eisley a lot.
I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. Just kidding. I never drink beer. But if I did…
I don’t like grapefruit.
I write mostly on this blog. A little on tumblr, too.
I lose in Settlers of Catan every time.
I dance whenever I can.
I wish I could dance more often.
I never have gone skinny dipping before. Sounds exhilarating, right?
I listen to my friend’s opinions.
I don’t understand chemistry, but I’m amazed with it.
I can usually be found on the couch, watching a movie. Seriously.
I need motivation to work out!
I “forget” to wash the dishes.

Also, check out my hair:
It's too long and weird and I just wanna cut it. Hopefully this Friday??
Stay tuned. 


  1. That looks like a perfect outfit for those ridiculously hot days. I hate even wearing an undershirt when it's hot out!

  2. Your hair is so thick and pretty! But I secretly wish I could pull of a short do..I bet you'll look great with it short if you do cut it. I also "forget" to wash the dishes :) sshhh...


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