Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow Day

Had my very first snow day last week! Well first of all, last Wednesday was supposed to be the day that I finally got to see Eisley live. The weather took a turn on us though and we were not able to travel to Albuquerque. And neither were Eisley. So I didn't miss out on anything. I just hope they will come back to new Mexico. Oh! Their new album is coming out next month! I'm sure that it will please my ears just as their previous albums have. I'm debating on whether to pre-order it or not. I'm a big enough fan, I might as well. 

My snow day was fun (: It started off a little miserably though, with the power being out. We had rolling blackouts last week, and the electric company asked the schools, along with the University, to close down. We aren't used to cold weather or snow in these parts, so the city was very unprepared. There was a water shortage in some parts of town as well. The schools stayed closed from Wednesday through Friday as a result. Tomorrow I return to school once again. Now I have to "get back in the zone," which is no fun, but necessary. 

Kissy pic 

Some Other Photos I'm Almost Forgot

My pals from my homeland (California) came for a visit, specifically to attend my wedding! It was so fun catching up. I only wish that they could have stayed a bit longer. 

Sarah, Katie, and Karsen (she's always making weird faces for photos) at Taco Cabana. 

Later that night as my chums helped me with a few last minute wedding decorations, Sarah took the opportunity to make her very first finger-painting. This sillyness reminded me of old times. 

And now, a few photos from the honeymoon. I wasn't very smart during this trip and didn't take my camera with me absolutely every we went, which was a big mistake, resulting with only these few that I liked. We went to Ruidoso and stayed in the coziest cabin. It was such fun to get away and experience a new place. 

The creepiest dolls possibly ever. 

A huge game of checkers. 

Check this out (click to enlarge). I totally beat Ryan at Yahtzee... and it was my first time ever playing! Also, we bought that neat magnet galavanting about Ruidoso.  

Wedding Reception

I guess the pictures pretty much explain how it all went down :)