Monday, October 23, 2017

Houpt Family Reunion

Okay! I am so behind on blogging! This family reunion took place three months ago in July. We went up to a cabin in southern Utah and it was beautiful. I feel like this blog post will mostly just be a big photo dump since the trip isn't as fresh in my mind anymore.

I regret not taking more photos with my DSLR the week of the reunion. I took more photos with my phone's camera and a lot of those ended up on my private Instagram to be printed into a Chatbook. I mostly just took photos of The Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. So lots of outdoorsy pictures! I also took a lot of video during this trip, but I'm not even going to attempt to compile them until we get a desktop computer, which should be pretty soon!

It was Ryan's idea to make a pit stop at The Grand Canyon on our way to Utah. We drove up with his parents, brother, sister, and her family. I now understand why people say that photos don't do it justice. There's nothing like actually standing in front of it. 

Gwen was being really silly on these steps. I love how these turned out! 

These next photos were taken after our hike in Zion. We were all kind of a sweaty mess, so I hope the family that sees these photos will forgive me! :D 
 Gwen loved riding on the ATV with grandpa back at the rental house.

You can't be up in the mountains without s'mores. 

It was a super fun week with an emotional ending involving everyone gathering around the piano to sing primary songs as grandma played. Many a tear was shed! We sang karaoke, had a talent show/"film festival", played games, did Zumba, watched movies, and ate lots and lots of food. My one regret was not getting a big group photo! Next time, next time. 2019 can't come soon enough. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Sensiba Family

Sheesh, it's been a while since I've photographed people that aren't my own people! I got lucky with two photo sessions last week! I forgot how fun and rewarding it is to create photos and capture moments of love between people.
Holly and I have been friends for seven years. We were college roommates for a couple of those years! Luckily, I moved to Phoenix, and her parents and sisters live here as well, so we're able to see each other about twice a year when she comes to visit. Sometimes more! I feel blessed to have her as a friend for this long, and I'm very happy that the odds were in our favor.
Here she is with her cute family!

This last photo tugs at my heart strings! I kid you not, tears welled up in my eyes. And her little leg pop is the cherry on top. I'll be uploading photos of my other session soon! It's a newborn session, and I have a crazy story to tell, as well.