Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happies -11-

photo by Emmy 

- Our trip to California! I'll finally be able to show Ryan where I grew up.
- Joining a book club.
- Watching Vanilla Ice Goes Amish. He pimps out a buggy.
- The fact that I've been successfully nursing Gwen for 14 months. Say what you will about me.
- Baking cookies for other people.
- Chik-fil-A.
- My birthday is this week!! And we have fun things planned! I've always loved my birthday and I hope I always feel that way as I get older. I'll be 26 years old young.
- Going on walks again.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I suck at blogging

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Yo friends.
I've been kinda lazy/busy lately and my blog has been on the back burner (what does this saying even mean? Is it like a cooking metaphor?). I think about blogging almost every day, I just need to organize my posts and make deadlines for myself. Plus, Christmas and gift shopping has been on my mind, so there's that!

I promise I'll get back into it! Eventually....

In the meantime you can follow my Instagram. Or find me on Snapchat! Leave a comment with your Snapchat username and I'll follow you. Mine is bevhoupt. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Baby Beckett

Here's Holly's new baby! I had so much fun taking these photos while in Portland. I'm so glad that I was able to visit Holly and document her life in this way. If you've been a long time follower of this blog, you'll recognize Holly. I took photos of her engagement, wedding, 1st baby announcement, maternity, newborn, family, 2nd baby announcement, and now these! My, look at how my photography has evolved! Holly, thank you for trusting me with all of your important life event photos! I hope to be your lifetime photographer! 

I took more photos of the whole family once Ronnie got home from work that day. I may include a few of those in a separate post. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Portland Pt. 1: Pumpkin Patch

While in Portland visiting Holly and her family, we decided to go visit a pumpkin patch. I've wanted to visit a pumpkin patch ever since I started reading blogs years ago and I noticed a common theme amongst them was/is raving about fall and posting photos of their incredible visit to their local pumpkin farm. I just love pumpkin patch photos, okay? I could never really justify visiting one without a kid to take, so luckily for Holly and I, we had 3 kids to take! I finally visited a pumpkin patch. I can die happy, now. 

The farm was kind of deserted since we went on a weekday, but I'm glad there were so few people around. 

I think she almost lifted it, eventually ^^

Watch this fun video! It features a pig race, a long ride down the slide, and a rooster that made Gwen cry. 

I couldn't get over all of the beauty that surrounded us. So many trees and so many colors. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I tried to soak it all in and take mental pictures of the red, yellow, green, and orange foliage. Holly lives in the middle of country and city, so this farm was only a 3-5 mile drive. And the drive was gorgeous, through all the forests and fields. It was such a treat for me to go visit!