Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happies -11-

photo by Emmy 

- Our trip to California! I'll finally be able to show Ryan where I grew up.
- Joining a book club.
- Watching Vanilla Ice Goes Amish. He pimps out a buggy.
- The fact that I've been successfully nursing Gwen for 14 months. Say what you will about me.
- Baking cookies for other people.
- Chik-fil-A.
- My birthday is this week!! And we have fun things planned! I've always loved my birthday and I hope I always feel that way as I get older. I'll be 26 years old young.
- Going on walks again.


  1. What?! Vanilla Ice Goes Amish?! Haha I have never heard of this! Happy (late) Birthday! I hope it was a fabulous one!! :)


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