Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween

When it comes to Halloween costumes, I've decided that's it's just a little less stressful to pick one that's not necessarily original. I used to struggle with trying to think of an amazingly original costume to make, and then once Halloween came, usually no one could figure it out. For example: mine and Ryan's first halloween as a couple I had the idea to dress as Doug Funny and Patty Mayonnaise. NO ONE understood our costumes. Come on, 90s kids. A sad, failed attempt at an "original" costume. ANYWAY- after searching through Pinterest for family costume ideas I came across this one.  It was perfect; something Ryan wouldn't mind wearing and a super easy costume to make for Gwen. 
I made Gwen's money sack costume from an old pillow case. I cut it shorter (from the opening) and cut a line of small holes and then threaded a shoelace through it, for the neckline, and tied her up in it. I also painted the dollar sign. I recommend practicing a few different dollar signs and then tracing it onto the pillow case. I love how it turned out and there was no sewing involved! Another reason I picked this costume is because I needed to find a costume that didn't need any kind of hat to complete it. Gwen usually does not keep a hat on her head, so I didn't want to have to stress over that little detail- which I definitely would have, haha. 
I intended to take decent photos of our costumes in the daylight with my DSLR, but the day got away from me with last minute preparations. These grainy photos will have to do. Maybe next year I'll be better! We didn't have plans for Halloween day/night, but we wore these costumes to our church party the weekend before. I made this cake, too, to enter into the cake contest. I got second place :) It looked really cool, but it did not taste that great (except for the sugar cookie hand, that was awesome). 


  1. So stinking cute! Her face in the first picture is adorable! :) I swear this was the easiest/less stressed costume I've ever done!

  2. I love how your costumes turned out! Simple is always better. Every year I plan on doing cute costumes and always run out of time. Next year I'm determined to do a family costume. I better start planning now.


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