Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Autumn is barely making its way to Phoenix. And by that, I mean that the daytime temperature is bellow 80 degrees. From now until June (fingers crossed), we should be enjoying some pretty nice weather! Emily was kind enough to take these photos on the last evening she was visiting. We went to the farm at Agritopia in Gilbert when they had their food truck night. If you're local, go go go! It's a pretty place. 

This past week I was lucky enough to fly out to Portland, OR to visit my best friend Holly. She had a baby boy in September, so that means newborn photos! Sometimes newborn sessions stress me out, but I make exceptions for close friends, of course. It was so exciting visiting a place that has REAL autumn. Ha. I've lived in California, New Mexico, and now Arizona, so I've never seen so many beautiful, colorful autumn trees. I tried to soak it all in as best as I could. More on that later! I hope to have all my Portland posts up by the end of this week...or next week, if we're being practical.


  1. LOVELY images! I couldn't NOT comment.

  2. I seriously don't think I could live in a place that doesn't have autumn. I just love this season so much! Also these pictures are beautiful!


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