Saturday, September 21, 2013

That one time we sang together

I know this is the most cliche song, and that there are probably (roughly) 2 million different versions on the internet, and that we're about 7 years too late, but it's a song that Ryan knows how to play and that we both know all the words to, so. 
This video literally took hours to make last night. The only singing experience that Ryan and I have together is singing hymns side by side in church, so yeah, this is the first non-religious song we've sung together. In fact, this song is anti-religion, if you listen close enough (but whatevs). Also, I'm pleased to say that this was Ryan's idea to "sing a song for the blog." 

Into the Dark from Beverly Houpt on Vimeo.
(lyrics and music by Ben Gibbard, obvs) 

This was fun. Hopefully we can make lil' music videos more often? 


  1. Um I love you guys!! <3 Haha the bloopers were the best! So cute :)
    And what? I didn't know you could sing?! That was awesome!! I heart Ben Gibbard so much...

  2. This is so sweet! The bloopers are awesome!

  3. Aw this is SO awesome, Beverly! There is something so special about couples singing together :)
    You two are so sweet, and you sound great together! I also particularly love the Alan Jackson rendition on the blooper roll ;)
    Thanks for posting sweet girl!

    1. Thanks!
      I agree, there is something pretty special when couples sing together :)
      I'm glad you liked the Alan Jackson song! Ryan learned to play it as a joke, haha! He was a little worried that people might think that he was a country fan when he saw that I included that part!

  4. Love it! My boys started dancing and singing along so I think they do too.

  5. That's adorable! I wish my wife would sing with me like that, but she's camera shy.

    1. Thanks!!
      Yeah, Ryan is the worst when it comes to taking photos, but I guess he's fine with video? Still amazed that HE suggested this... Maybe your son will sing with you, haha!


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