Thursday, September 12, 2013

Haircut and School

So I  really have been meaning to update my blog, but if you've looked at my instagram feed lately, you'll know that I've been busy with school. And art!! I've been spending lots of time there, and I'm trying to enjoy every last minute of my last semester. I really will miss it once I graduate. 

Anyway. Yes. I've cut my hair! I always was a little scared to try these bang because of my square-shaped face. I've read that straight-across bangs would make my face look even more square. But after thinking about it some more, I figured "what the heck is wrong with having a squarish face anyway??" NOTHING I TELL YOU. It's totally fine. 
It has been raining here all week. We're not used to constant rain in New Mexico. Usually when it does rain, it'll be for 10-15 minutes at a time and then the sun will decide to come out again. I guess it's a nice change, but I'm not used to the humidity, nor am I fond of it. 

shirt: Target
jeans: H&M (I love them!)
shoes: gift
beanie: Old Navy 


  1. You look cute in your new haircut. I want to try bangs too but too afraid of how it will turn out.

  2. Oh wow! You are sooo beautiful, amazing lady!!! Chic! ^_^

  3. Looking lovely, such a beautiful top.

  4. What a cute hat! In fact, I like everything you're wearing. You look comfy, casual, and cute. There hasn't been any rain here in Northern California yet, but I hope we get lots of it this year!

    More Modern Modesty

  5. I LOVE your hair cut. I have been meaning to tell you that. and seriously. one of my favorite combos. jeans and black and white, and a pop of red :) well done.

  6. looking lovely...


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