Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to School with Emily of Some Girl

(Meet my friend Emily! I had the opportunity to meet Emily last June during my brief visit to Utah, and now we've become good pals! She blogs over at Some Girl. Make sure to pay her a visit!)
Hello readers of Beverly's blog! First of all congratulations on knowing a human as cool as her.
There actually is no second of all, so sorry.

My name is Emily and I go to BYU, majoring in Psych, and should hopefully graduate next winter (eek!). Pretty much my attitude towards school dress has changed drastically since high school. See, in high school I would spend time getting ready every morning and put lots of thought into my outfit.

Then I got to college and realized I would only be spending four hours in class, would have to walk 20 minutes to get there, and would be in constant heat. So, now I basically just wear the most minimal amount of clothing that darn honor code will allow.

Fall is coming, so there is hope.
Most the time I opt for a dress, but every once in a while do jeans. I love dressing for fall and winter, because I love pairing patterned tights with dresses and jackets. There's just so much more possibility!
That's basically me in a nutshell though! Thanks to the ever so lovely Beverly for being a gem and having me. Come and say hi sometime if you'd like. 

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  1. Yay! How fun that you have Emily on here :) And yay for those leggings, right?! She looks darling!

  2. I like both of your blogs, glad I discovered them today!


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