Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tomorrow... (My blog throughout these 3 years)

Tomorrow marks three years since I've started my blog! Whoa! 
Let's take a blast to the past....

The summer of 2010 I became interested in blogs. I started reading Bleubird and A Beautiful Mess. I was in love with these girls' style and photography skills. I longed to have a blog half as good as theirs! haha! But the idea of starting a blog was a little....embarrassing. "People will think I'm totally narcissistic, taking photos of myself all the time!" (And maybe some people do think that about me now...) But yes, it was intimidating. I felt like I needed an "excuse" to start blogging. So when Ryan and I were engaged, I took this opportunity to start my blog. Go ahead, read my very first blog post!

Yay! Marriage!
It was the summer of our first year of marriage that I stumbled upon the "Mormon girl fashion blog" community. I was browsing through fashion blogs and noticed one girl who was dressed modestly (by Mormon standards). I kept scrolling down her blog, looking for evidence that she was LDS, found it, and was over the moon happy to find another Mormon (hahaha). This gal was/is Ashley of I Believe in Unicorns, and I may or may not have sent her a comment that went a little something like this, "OMG! Yer Mormon?? So is I!!!!! Holy heckssssss." (That's an exaggeration btw, but you get the idea.) 
So I convinced myself that I could do this!! And I started by secretly taking outfit photos. I was still shy about letting a lot of people know about my blog, and that included Ryan! Luckily I already had a tripod by this time to take all of my own photos. 
I went thrifting A LOT that summer.
Funny side note: I kind of got into makeup again by the end of 2011. I barely wore makeup the three years previous. 
I became a lot less shy about taking outfit photos weekly and mustered up the courage to ask Ryan to take some photos for me when I felt like leaving my tripod alone. But I mostly used the tripod because I felt a lot less silly doing my own thing, with no approval from anyone but myself. 
When I don't feel like traveling to a different location for my outfit photos, I always ask Ryan to take them for me outside of our apartment building. He still thinks that blogging is a bit strange (I don't really blame him) but he's gotten used to taking my photos and I think he might secretly like it sometimes! 


When Ryan or my tripod aren't taking my photos, my friend Anne is! I convinced her to start a fashion blog*, and boy is it nice to have a photo-taking buddy! Taking photos with someone else turns this blogging hobby into an activity. And I feel less weird about driving around town looking for new locations to take photos when we're together. Plus it's kinda fun to coordinate outfits sometimes. I highly recommend finding someone to take photos with :) 

You guys, blogging is so weird. It definitely takes a lot of practice to get in to the groove of blogging regularly, and for the content to become consistent. Honestly, I have no idea how some girls become popular bloggers with 1,000+ followers over night! This is definitely, and evidently, not the case with me, haha! I try not to get discouraged by this :) I've made lots of friends through blogging, and I've find out more about what I like vs. what I don't like style wise. It has opened me up to trying new things with my wardrobe, and I see this community as a bit of a support group. 
To many more years of blogging, I say~ 

*Anne isn't blogging right now because she forgot her password for blogger :( Hopefully she'll be able to remember it! Or maybe make a new blog??


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations on THREE YEARS of blogging! What a wonderful accomplishment!!
    I know that the blogging world is brighter place because of you, Beverly :) Keep shining that light!

  2. Your style has evolved so much! Congrats on your third year lady :)

    xo Ashley

  3. I already texted you but I still can't get over that photo like srsly.
    Please be a featured blogger for All Things Lovely Daily Deals and use that for your profile pic!

  4. Happy Bloggiversary! <3 Love the 3 year recap!

  5. I loved looking at you (and your blog) grow over the years! I'm glad you blog. :)

  6. I loved reading through this! it's fun to see the evolution of your blog! also i LOVE the GIF's of you two cuties. I'm definitely going to do that sometime soon, you show how fun you are!


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