Friday, September 20, 2013

Style Rut

Lately, as if out of nowhere, I have felt my sense of style shift. Maybe I've just realized it this week? Regardless, I've found myself less interested in pastels, pinks, florals, and lace, and more interested in bold patterns and dark/bold colors. Maybe it's because fall is approaching? Maybe I'm going through a phase. I've just felt less inspired with my wardrobe.
Here are some examples of the kinds of outfits I've been drawn to recently:

*none of these photos belong to me, obvs 


  1. Wow I feel honored to have inspired you along with the likes of Elizabeth and Elsie!! Thanks girl :) I totally have the same style shifting thing going on lately too!

  2. this is such a nice collection of outfits. ugh. don't tempt me when i'm trying to save money!


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