Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School with Erin of Plus Sized Pretty

(Meet my friend Erin! She's the blogger of Plus Sized Pretty. She's a feminist, mormon, vegetarian, and one funny and cool gal. Make sure to check out her blog!) 

Hey there What a Day readers! My name is Erin and i'm thrilled to be guest posting for my lovely friend Beverly today. I'm currently working on my Bachelors in English and Women's Studies at the University of British Columbia. I get to go to school surrounded by mountains and the ocean, it's pretty great. Oh, and i'm studying things i'm incredibly passionate about. 
 Beverly's asked me to share a typical back to school outfit with you, which I feel just might be one of the my favourite reasons to go to school, to get to put on cute outfits. Oh, and learning stuff to help better my future is always a nice bonus! My school outfits often consist of leggings or tights, with either a dress or a skirt and shirt combo on top- and it's often belted. But since it's still nice and warm where I live I just can't do the tights or leggings yet. I'm enjoying this (very limited) sunshine while I can! 

So I took one of my favourite summer dresses from Target and switched it up for back to school. I added a cardigan, for the chilly mornings of waiting at the bus stop, and some sturdy boots for all the wandering from class to class that being on a large campus involves. 

Best of luck to you Beverly in your new school year! And to all your readers who are going back to school as well! 

Outfit details: dress: Target, sweater: Zellers (Canada's version of Target before Target took over), shoes: vintage 


  1. Very pretty <3! I am crazy about the shoes, they look so amazing!
    Love from France <3


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