Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy List 02

- My sister meeting Gwen for the first time.
- Delicious salmon sushi.
- Getting our first family photos taken. Thanks, Ashley.
- How Ryan's pouty face looks so much like Gwen's pouty face.
- Watching 90's kids movies on Netflix- House Arrest, Trading Mom, and Troop Beverly Hills. Too good!
- Spotting an old couple at Target wearing matching Grinch shirts.
- Spotting a mom feeding her baby while walking around Target (she was wearing a "hooter hider"). Thinking about it makes me feel weirdly emotional and so happy about breastfeeding and thankful that I can feed my baby this way. It'll definitely be something I'll miss doing once Gwen doesn't need it anymore.
- Our loooong family nap last Sunday.
- Christmas time is heeeeeereee!
- Buying Gwen a cute Christmas outfit and jammies.
- Ryan and I went to his co-worker's son's 1st birthday party where they served dang good Chinese food. When we were leaving, the grandma gave us $20 for Gwen! So sweet.
- Baking/making Christmas goodies to share.
- These pretty flowers that I can see outside our living room window. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanksgiving in Utah

So yeah, this is late! Prepare yourself for a lot of photos. Half of these are kinda crappy quality because I used my phone to take them. Crappy photos are better than no photos, sometimes. 
It was only my second visit to Utah so we did a lot of typical touristy things. You gotta, right? We haven't spent any quality time with Ryan's older brother's family so this was a great opportunity for us to finally do that. It was cool that Gwen could meet her cousins for the first time, or rather that they could meet her as she won't really remember. I realized that she has met all of her cousins so far. Neat! And she'll meet all of her aunts and uncles before the new year. Double neat. 

Our last day in Utah we went to eat Peruvian food. It was the first time Ryan had it since his mission. Gwen was, obviously, disgusted with it. And Ryan's brother doesn't usually look like that. 
Looking at these photos makes me yearn for Christmas! We'll be going back to New Mexico for the holidays and I couldn't be more excited. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

3 Months + a Happy List

Gwen turned three months old this Monday. We are completely smitten with her.

Here are some things that have made me happy recently:
- My older sister is coming to town for a couple of days this weekend! It'll be her first time meeting Gwen and she'll be taking our first family photos.
- Gwen has been making real cute "ooh" and "hoo" noises and the other day she tilted her head back and let out a little "hooo!" She looked like a wolf and I couldn't remember the word "howling" so I asked her if she was wolfing. Now we call her little wolfer.
- The other nicknames Ryan gives Gwen. There are too many to remember but my favorite right now is Little Willie, after Willie Nelson.
- I went to a mini blogger meet-up last night and met a couple of new blogging friends. Holla!
- Biscotti and fancy hazelnut hot chocolate.
- When Gwen lifts one eyebrow, which is a lot.
- When Gwen and I smile at each other when we first wake up in the morning. I heart co-sleeping.

Regarding that last point- If you're kidless and are too afraid of possibly co-sleeping with your future babies, think again! It's one of my favorite things about having a baby. I think there are a lot of benefits to sleeping with your baby, the biggest one- more sleep for you and baby if you're breastfeeding (in my case, anyway). I urge y'all to read this article about co-sleeping. I understand that not everyone may like this idea or that it may not work for every family, and that this article's title is a little harsh, but if you're on the fence then this article is for you.