Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy List 02

- My sister meeting Gwen for the first time.
- Delicious salmon sushi.
- Getting our first family photos taken. Thanks, Ashley.
- How Ryan's pouty face looks so much like Gwen's pouty face.
- Watching 90's kids movies on Netflix- House Arrest, Trading Mom, and Troop Beverly Hills. Too good!
- Spotting an old couple at Target wearing matching Grinch shirts.
- Spotting a mom feeding her baby while walking around Target (she was wearing a "hooter hider"). Thinking about it makes me feel weirdly emotional and so happy about breastfeeding and thankful that I can feed my baby this way. It'll definitely be something I'll miss doing once Gwen doesn't need it anymore.
- Our loooong family nap last Sunday.
- Christmas time is heeeeeereee!
- Buying Gwen a cute Christmas outfit and jammies.
- Ryan and I went to his co-worker's son's 1st birthday party where they served dang good Chinese food. When we were leaving, the grandma gave us $20 for Gwen! So sweet.
- Baking/making Christmas goodies to share.
- These pretty flowers that I can see outside our living room window. 


  1. gwens eyebrows in that first picture 100% :)

  2. hahaha the family crying photo is hilarious! Salmon sushi sounds like something I'd go for right now :-)
    Happy holidays!


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