Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hey blog world!! I've been neglecting you because I've been busy with friends and family the past two weeks in New Mexico. We had so much fun! Here are some happy things that happened during our stay- 
So my best friend Holly and her little family moved far away from New Mexico shortly after we moved to Arizona. I'm so glad that we were all back in town for the holidays! Our daughters finally met! Neither of them will remember it, but we have photographic proof, so. Note the photo of Ruby hugging Gwen. She initiated that hug all on her own. See?? Friends. 
Gwen and baby Ceci met! All my mom friends live far away from me. *sigh* I'll have to come up with more excuses to travel back home to see these cuties again. 
More friends :) 
Annual cookie decorating. // Ryan decorated this awesome skeleton reindeer. // Gwen "unwrapping" her first gift. // Aunt Audrey with one sassy baby. 
My mother-in-law crocheted this beanie! One of my favorite gifts. // Gwen in her Christmas pajamas. // She got a lot of books. // Cookies for breakfast.  
Christmas din-din. // The annual New Year's Eve white elephant gift exchange. // She won a lot of cake mix. And that amazing sweat suit thing. // Pretty Aunt Melanie. 
Gwen met a lot of dogs! Note the photo of my father-in-law sleeping with his dogs. The big one to his right is a new addition to their family. She's a rescued dog and is super sweet. 
Everyone learned to knit! My sis-in-law offered to teach. Knitting is definitely something that I never thought I'd learn to do, but I'm so glad that did! // We went on our first date since Gwen was born! We were actually able to go on two dates. :) We saw Into the Woods. So good and sad. But good. // You know what else was very good? This raspberry cake. Holy heck. // This photo of Ryan and his family is amazing (he's at the far right). I think they took it at some amusement park? It was printed on metal, so that's neat. 
Baby snuggles. We relaxed a lot despite having more plans/activities than usual. // Grandpa Houpt. // Another sleeping pic, 'cause why not? // Gwen wearing Ceci's hand-me-downs. Thanks again, Anne!

A few more Happies that are not pictured above-
- We ate at my favorite Mexican food restaurants. Yes! Chile rellenos and burritos and enchiladas!
- Ryan and I had a contest trying to name the most Christmas songs. There are like 1,000, ok?
- I had two family photo shoots in the desert. They're so pretty and I can't wait to share them with you.
- The little Christmas program at church. My sister-in-law sang and brought everyone to tears. The song was through the eyes of Mary and shed new light on this woman that I've known about my whole life. I'm sure it's because I'm a new mom. I may just write a separate post about it. 

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