Thursday, January 8, 2015

Four Months and Four Years

Happy 4 months of life to Gwen, and happy 4 years of marriage to Ryan and I! We do not have plans to go out, seeing as we have a baby that got shots today and might become a cranky monster later on. I'm hoping to order some takeout. Maybe we can go out this weekend if a babysitter pops out of nowhere? Any takers? ;) 
Gwen is such a tiny baby. She's in the 8% for weight! Sheesh. I promise I'm feeding her. She is starting to be more interested in toys and grabbing things and kicking her legs. We're able to leave her on her play mat for up to 20 minutes, maybe longer. Thank goodness. Her sleeping schedule is more predictable than before, which is also awesome. I love when she smiles for me, especially right after she wakes up. 


  1. Such sweet photos!!! Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. And happy four months Gwen!!!! :) :)

  2. such a tiny baby!! she is the cutest ever OMG.


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