Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 "To Do" List

I hadn't planned on making any resolutions for 2015. I never keep them, so I didn't want to set myself up for failure again. But as I was reading a few blog posts about resolutions I couldn't help but to do some thinking of my own about what I need to change in my life to be happier. I decided to make a low key list of goals for this year.

1. Be the best mom I can be. (Duh, right?)
This will involve being more patient and selfless. I need to remember to step back and take a deep breath when things don't go as planned, which happens like, every day when you're a parent. When I do this and just surrender to the universe, I'm able to help my fussy baby with more ease and we're both happier this way.

2. Read the scriptures daily.
It's a commandment! I need to repent of my serious lack of scripture study. I have been keeping up with my reading by following this Instagram account: @bofm365.  They post the verses to read for each day in order to have read the entire Book of Mormon by the end of the year. I kinda love it, especially because of the questions they post for each scripture block and the comments that people leave. It's like being in a good Sunday school class with a lot of participation. So if you find yourself on Instagram every day anyway, go ahead and join me in this challenge! It's so much easier for me to make good decisions when I'm reading God's words daily.

3. Drink more water.
It's good for me! And there are a lot of benefits to drinking more water. I want to commit to only one soft drink a week.

4. Go on regular walks.
It's good for me! And Gwen seems to like being outdoors, so why not? I've never regretted taking a walk even if it seemed like the last thing I wanted to do at the time.

5. Update/redesign this blog.
Holy heck, I'm in serious need of a blog makeover. I haven't changed the look of this blog for...3 years?? The problem is that I don't know how. I'm willing to pay someone to redesign this space. I'm embarrassed by how out of date everything is. Do you know of a good blog graphic designer? Send them my way.

6. Make more of an effort to make friends.
Ok, I think this might be the hardest. I've met plenty of nice people at church and there are probably a lot of potential friends right under my nose. I guess I just haven't made more of an effort or had very many opportunities to really get to know enough people. Also, how hard is it to make friends once you have a baby, am I right? I mean, in some ways it's easier (relate with other moms), and in some ways it's harder (I can't just go out whenever I please / is it just me, or is it less easy to make friends with kidless people once you're a parent?). I just need to keep trying and going to activities.

Now all of these seem realistic and do-able, eh? 


  1. These are all such good goals. Also, if you're looking for a blog design just search blogger templates on etsy. They're so easy to install, inexpensive and there a lot to choose from.



  2. not sure if i know of a good graphic designer, but etsy has some cool premade templates! here's the link to where i bought one of mine
    she is awesome and will help you if there are glitches happening! i know how to do little tiny baby things, like change photo size, etc. so i could maybe help you a little bit, but ya etsy premade templates are the way to go!


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