Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bloggy!

(photo by Susan Rockstraw)

What a Day is three years old!
Blogging has brought so many cool people into my life, as well as opportunities that can only come through blogging. I may not have a ton of readers in the grand scheme of things, but I am so grateful for those of you that root me on and leave nice comments! Blogging has gotten more and more fun with each year that passes. It's fun to look back on my old posts and see how I've changed. 

(photos by Susan Rockstraw

It will be fun to see how my blog progresses in years to come! I hope you all stick around :) 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tomorrow... (My blog throughout these 3 years)

Tomorrow marks three years since I've started my blog! Whoa! 
Let's take a blast to the past....

The summer of 2010 I became interested in blogs. I started reading Bleubird and A Beautiful Mess. I was in love with these girls' style and photography skills. I longed to have a blog half as good as theirs! haha! But the idea of starting a blog was a little....embarrassing. "People will think I'm totally narcissistic, taking photos of myself all the time!" (And maybe some people do think that about me now...) But yes, it was intimidating. I felt like I needed an "excuse" to start blogging. So when Ryan and I were engaged, I took this opportunity to start my blog. Go ahead, read my very first blog post!

Yay! Marriage!
It was the summer of our first year of marriage that I stumbled upon the "Mormon girl fashion blog" community. I was browsing through fashion blogs and noticed one girl who was dressed modestly (by Mormon standards). I kept scrolling down her blog, looking for evidence that she was LDS, found it, and was over the moon happy to find another Mormon (hahaha). This gal was/is Ashley of I Believe in Unicorns, and I may or may not have sent her a comment that went a little something like this, "OMG! Yer Mormon?? So is I!!!!! Holy heckssssss." (That's an exaggeration btw, but you get the idea.) 
So I convinced myself that I could do this!! And I started by secretly taking outfit photos. I was still shy about letting a lot of people know about my blog, and that included Ryan! Luckily I already had a tripod by this time to take all of my own photos. 
I went thrifting A LOT that summer.
Funny side note: I kind of got into makeup again by the end of 2011. I barely wore makeup the three years previous. 
I became a lot less shy about taking outfit photos weekly and mustered up the courage to ask Ryan to take some photos for me when I felt like leaving my tripod alone. But I mostly used the tripod because I felt a lot less silly doing my own thing, with no approval from anyone but myself. 
When I don't feel like traveling to a different location for my outfit photos, I always ask Ryan to take them for me outside of our apartment building. He still thinks that blogging is a bit strange (I don't really blame him) but he's gotten used to taking my photos and I think he might secretly like it sometimes! 


When Ryan or my tripod aren't taking my photos, my friend Anne is! I convinced her to start a fashion blog*, and boy is it nice to have a photo-taking buddy! Taking photos with someone else turns this blogging hobby into an activity. And I feel less weird about driving around town looking for new locations to take photos when we're together. Plus it's kinda fun to coordinate outfits sometimes. I highly recommend finding someone to take photos with :) 

You guys, blogging is so weird. It definitely takes a lot of practice to get in to the groove of blogging regularly, and for the content to become consistent. Honestly, I have no idea how some girls become popular bloggers with 1,000+ followers over night! This is definitely, and evidently, not the case with me, haha! I try not to get discouraged by this :) I've made lots of friends through blogging, and I've find out more about what I like vs. what I don't like style wise. It has opened me up to trying new things with my wardrobe, and I see this community as a bit of a support group. 
To many more years of blogging, I say~ 

*Anne isn't blogging right now because she forgot her password for blogger :( Hopefully she'll be able to remember it! Or maybe make a new blog??

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Remember that last style post? Where I mentioned "I'm not into girly clothes right now!" Well, I've contradicted myself here. I think it's safe to say that my style is unpredictable. Or moody. Or bipolar. I've had this dress for a year, and I've always worn it with leggings or pants because it's too short for my standards. But then I realized that I have the perfect skirt to pair it with! I even fooled a few people into thinking that the skirt and dress were one piece. "Oh the cleverness of me!" (name that movie) 
This was my Sunday outfit. And hey! Last Sunday we had our Primary program! (When all the kids, ages 4-11, sing and give short speeches during sacrament meeting.) I don't think I've mentioned this, but my new official calling is Primary chorister, so I helped lead music. I was so proud of all those kids after the program! They did so well! I love them. 
Anyway, check out this awesome corsage that our Primary President made. 
(Primary colors. Get it??)
dress: yard sale, skirt: gift, shoes: Target 
p.s. Thank you to everyone that commented on my last video with Ryan on here, facebook, and instagram. Making a "music video" has always been something I've wanted to do for this blog, and your kind comments boost my confidence! 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

That one time we sang together

I know this is the most cliche song, and that there are probably (roughly) 2 million different versions on the internet, and that we're about 7 years too late, but it's a song that Ryan knows how to play and that we both know all the words to, so. 
This video literally took hours to make last night. The only singing experience that Ryan and I have together is singing hymns side by side in church, so yeah, this is the first non-religious song we've sung together. In fact, this song is anti-religion, if you listen close enough (but whatevs). Also, I'm pleased to say that this was Ryan's idea to "sing a song for the blog." 

Into the Dark from Beverly Houpt on Vimeo.
(lyrics and music by Ben Gibbard, obvs) 

This was fun. Hopefully we can make lil' music videos more often? 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Style Rut

Lately, as if out of nowhere, I have felt my sense of style shift. Maybe I've just realized it this week? Regardless, I've found myself less interested in pastels, pinks, florals, and lace, and more interested in bold patterns and dark/bold colors. Maybe it's because fall is approaching? Maybe I'm going through a phase. I've just felt less inspired with my wardrobe.
Here are some examples of the kinds of outfits I've been drawn to recently:

*none of these photos belong to me, obvs