Saturday, January 11, 2014

Being a grown up and self love

Job interviews are the worst. Job searching is the worst. 
Grad life, am I right? 

In other news, I'm sick of hearing about everyone's new year's resolutions to get fit. Like, I'm ok with people wanting to exercise. That's cool and all, but I guess I'm talking about blog posts that girls write that concentrate specifically on how much weight they put on since the holidays and how their weight has fluctuated throughout the year and blah blah blah. I literally DO NOT CARE. Ok, I understand that it's their blog and they can write about whatever the heck they want, I just wish that everyone loved their bodies, and accepted their bodies, and accepted other people's bodies. That last one the most, I think. I'm so sick of body shaming. I'm not saying that I don't need to work on self love myself. I think everyone struggles with that. No matter what your body type or weight, everyone wishes they could change something about their appearance. At least everyone that I've met. Comparison is inevitable. 
This video says it all. Please do yourself a favor and watch!
Sorry about the cursing. 
And here are some more awesome things I found on tumblr.

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  1. I feel ya! Never understood how the start of every year, EVERYONE wants to go to the gym and get fit. It's an endless cycle. They go. They work hard for a few months, lose a bit, then summer happens, its fun, vacations... whatever and then a bunch of holidays happen and they're back to where they started. Just make healthier choices, join some fun activities. I'm just so not into 'working out' its not fun. lol

  2. I feel ya about job hunting. I've graduated a while ago and I'm still having a hard time. Good luck!

  3. Agreed haha! Love this. Also your pics are cute

  4. I love all the comics you shared. I think I recognise a few from things I've seen on Tumblr. There are so many awesome female cartoonists on there that I love finding. Do you like Kate or Die? I look at her tumblr every day.
    I agree with you so much about dieting posts. I haven't actually noticed so many this time, but in the Summer loads of bloggers I followed started talking about it. One person turned their blog into a fitness thing with all these tips and work out regimes. When really beautiful fashion bloggers start talking dieting all the time I know it's just going to down my own self-esteem so I just cut them from my list. I know as you said that people can blog on what they like, and I admire honesty about all sorts of things. But I hope for blogging is something more personal and creative than women's magazines.

  5. i love this post! all of the weight watchers commercials this time of year make me roll my eyes so much.

  6. "fuck your beauty standards" haha I LOVE it. I'll admit I'm horrible at self love. I wish everyone could love their bodies too! Including myself. But I see beauty as SO much more than a size or a number or a certain look. Beauty is unique to every individual not just one easily defined standard.
    Love you Bev!


  7. Love that first tumblr comic you found with the two girls wishing they looked like eachother! It's so true, and warped, and weird. Id love to force myself to go to the gym/yoga every week as a resolution because it makes me feel healthier and happier but its really for that alone and I wish it were easier for people to focus on the feel-goods of exercise and eating well instead of the weight loss aspects.

    Love that blanket by the way!


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