Monday, January 21, 2013

Black, White, Purple

So here we have a glimpse of the exterior of our new apartment building. 
A whole lot of dirt. 
I told you it was ugly. 
But outdoor photos beat indoor photos. 
It's not too bad, right? 

skirt: Target, shirt: H&M, cardigan: Wet Seal, brooch: mom's, shoes: Payless

This may be the new location for outfit photos. Or maybe not? I'm still a little too shy around these new people to be out with my tripod taking photos of myself every now and then (Ryan took these ones). Know what I mean?? Anyway, onto my life: A lot of organizing still needs to be done at this new place of ours. I'm thinking of getting another bookshelf and we need need need a desk for the spare room and a new dining table. Ours is pitiful. Also, Big Lots may be a new favorite place of mine (a bookshelf, Christmas tree, hamper, trashcan, and a couple of boxes of cereal all for under $100?) and Craig's list people NEVER reply to your emails. 

Happy Monday~ 


  1. Beautiful purple! It looks stunning on you!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. oh wow, that brooch pin is gorgeous! more people need to wear brooch pins, in my opinion.i love this whole outfit!

  3. that shirt/skirt combo is so adorable! It looks like a cute collared dress! And I love that brooch. Ethan and I ended up in big lots once killing time before a movie and they had the most comfortable lazy boy type chair of my life! It was super ugly but sitting in it could almost convince you to bring it home!

    1. I have a jade sweater like this. I love colorful cardigans, so fun!

      Ali of:

  4. Nice photos and really cool outfit, you look great, I like your dress, what a great shape and that cardigan is so nice, the perfect touch to the outfit also you are really beautiful and your shoes rock! Your have a lovely blog by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  5. Thank you so much for your comment!

    Love your look, especially the cardi!


  6. I don't think it's bad at all! and i'm always shy about that too, baby steps :) I read this great tip that if someone actually stops and asks what you're doing, to just say you're an art student working on a project. it's simple and they leave you alone right away haha. and i like your outfit, especially the pop of purple! and thank you so much for following my tumblr! i know it's a writing blog and most people aren't interested in reading, but it's definitely my pet project so i want to babble off my thanks haha :)

    xo Marlen

  7. Okay, this outfit is absolutely adorable!!! And don't be shy about taking pictures girl, you are rockin' it ;)
    xo TJ

  8. That brooch gave the outfit such a special touch =]

    Yellow Blog [design]

  9. love this outfit. It's so classy.

    and I LOVE big lots, there isn't one out here and I miss it!

    I know what you mean about taking pictures with a tripod, so embarrassing, but husbands just don't understand sometimes!


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