Thursday, January 3, 2013

White Elephant

Ah yes, the annual Houpt white elephant gift exchange. There were sixteen participants and twice as many gifts. Maybe more than double.... 
There is a long running joke about this gift exchange and Chumbawamba CDs. I think Ryan initially began it. There must have been about seven of these CDs this year. We're pretty sure that the only reason Hasting keeps them in stock is because of this lot. 
I was planing on taking photos of the outfit I was wearing on New Year's Eve, but I somehow didn't get around to it. You can see the velvet dress in the above shot, though! 
I have been feeling really lazy about outfit photos in general! It must be the cold weather that's getting to me. And guess what! It's snowing outside! It's a very exciting thing for southern New Mexico, okay? I'm trying to convince myself to get out there and take photos today while we have a tiny winter wonderland of a day, so we'll see! 

I hope you all had a great beginning to the new year. I've been happy to not have to cook these past few days; we have so much leftover holiday food from our parents :) 

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