Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Update + Lately

Oh hey, remember me? It's seems like I haven't blogged in ages. I was moving! To a much bigger apartment! Thus, we went without internet for about a week. 
I'm having trouble finding new spots for outfit photos. The surrounding areas of our apartment building are pretty...ugly.... And we haven't really gotten into a groove yet since our schedules are pretty sporadic. But. School starts tomorrow, and we will soon have a normal(ish) schedule. Anyway, I decided to test out the lighting in our bedroom, and it has proven to be worthy (for now). 

So, some things as of late:
1. I'm really happy with all the space this apartment provides. Lots of closet space!
2. Ryan has begun working at H&R Block again for the tax season.
3. Student loans are both beautiful and horrific.
4. I need to cut my hair.
5. I saw an elderly lady at the post office who dropped her purse and legitimately said, "Fiddlesticks!" As though it were a real curse word. It made my day. 
6. I have gained weight during the holidays and I cannot find the motivation to get to the gym. 
7. I've decided to host my own Galentine's Day next month. I'm sure it won't be as legendary as Leslie Knope's, though. 
8. Green smoothies green smoothies green smoothies. 

top, jacket: thrifted, pants: Old Navy, flats: Target, bow: dollar store 

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  1. Cute! I love the neutrals with denim. How exciting you're in a bigger apt now! We need to find a bigger one too but we've yet to get our act together...


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