Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back to School

The school seemed incredibly empty today. 
Of course, I only had one class today, so that might be the reason. 
I had plans to photograph this outfit before it got dark, but then I ended up staying at the institute for a couple of hours and chatting it up with an old friend about Glee, Once Upon a Time, Jane By Design, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Bones, Doctor Who, school woes, successful photographers, and crazy coworkers. So by the time I got home I just felt like eating and napping and watching New Girl and The Mindy Project. 
It's a hard life, really. 
dress&boots: Target, belt&necklace: F21, leggings: Old Navy


  1. I love PLL, New Girl, Jane By Design, and Once Upon A Time! You look SUPER cute!

  2. You look darling!! I LOVE that dress, great color on you!

  3. Lovely outfit! -Nicole www.

  4. That dress is darling! Love the pattern and the color. And I love watching new girl and the Mindy project :)

  5. cute dress, missy. and cute blog too.

  6. I love this outfit!!! Too cute and fantastic color. :D


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