Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanksgiving in Utah

So yeah, this is late! Prepare yourself for a lot of photos. Half of these are kinda crappy quality because I used my phone to take them. Crappy photos are better than no photos, sometimes. 
It was only my second visit to Utah so we did a lot of typical touristy things. You gotta, right? We haven't spent any quality time with Ryan's older brother's family so this was a great opportunity for us to finally do that. It was cool that Gwen could meet her cousins for the first time, or rather that they could meet her as she won't really remember. I realized that she has met all of her cousins so far. Neat! And she'll meet all of her aunts and uncles before the new year. Double neat. 

Our last day in Utah we went to eat Peruvian food. It was the first time Ryan had it since his mission. Gwen was, obviously, disgusted with it. And Ryan's brother doesn't usually look like that. 
Looking at these photos makes me yearn for Christmas! We'll be going back to New Mexico for the holidays and I couldn't be more excited. 

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  1. yay utah! glad you did gardner village and temple square lights!! also gwens beanie 100% amazing.


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