Thursday, December 3, 2015

Happies -12-

- This clip ^^^ from God Help the Girl. Yo!! I had no idea that this movie existed until earlier this week when I saw it at the movie rental store. If you love Belle and Sebastian, too, watch this!

- Drinking Pero with hazelnut almond milk creamer and Biscoff cookies.

- Making our home more Christmassy!

- Planning Ryan's Christmas present.

- Gwen's words: "putt-a-buh" (peek-a-boo), "bott-er" (water).

- The dance party I'm going to tonight!!

- All the fun holiday videos on YouTube right now. (24 Days of Zoella and DIY December with Ingrid Nilsen)

- Seeing Eisley and Copeland live last week! Best birthday present.

- Listening to We Are The City on repeat in my car. It feels so good to get into an album again.  They played at the Copeland show and I'm so glad that Ryan suggested we buy their CD. They sold both of their albums to us for $10 and they're worth far more than that.

- Madi Davis's voice and face.

- While watching The Voice Ryan says, "That sounds like a song from Fievel Goes East."

I initially didn't mean for this blog post to be another Happies post. I still need to edit one more video from Emily's visit, edit a video from my Portland trip, and post the photos I took while in California! Ah! Wish me luck with that to-do list. 

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