Thursday, December 10, 2015

Happy (insert holiday here)!

Happy holidays, everybody! Christmas time is one of my favorite times of the year, and it's partly because I can convince my husband to take family photos. (Ha!) He's not one to willingly pose for a picture, but since Gwen was born he's been more accepting of having his photo taken if it's with her. It's ridiculously adorable how big a fan he is of Gwen. We have an unspoken Gwen fan club and our meetings include looking through old photos of her on our phones after she's gone to bed. 

We made a "photo session swap" with a couple of friends of ours- they took these photos, and I took their maternity photos the same day. We then swapped SD cards so we can edit our own photos. Such a sweet deal! Being a photographer is kind of tough when it comes to completely trusting someone else to take and edit your portraits. Whitni and Brandon did a great job of taking our photos, and I know they would have been great at editing them too, but it's much more fun to do it myself. Plus, we didn't have to wait to receive our photos after someone else was finished editing them. If you're a photographer, I highly recommend this idea! 
I hope you're enjoying this holiday season. Happy gift giving! Happy baking!

All photos taken by The Taylor Image, but edited by me.  


  1. Goodness gracious these are adorable Bev! Such a sweet family!!! <3

  2. Love these photos! You guys are the cutest! :) I love trading family photos it's a win-win and I have way more photos then I'd ever get with my tripod.

  3. her smile!!! oh your baby's smile is to die for. cutest pictures/family!!

  4. These turned out so cute! Also your hair looks magical :)

  5. I just rememered the "Reba" story and loled a little bit. I love the SD swap though! I've done once and it was so fun!


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