Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Other Photos I'm Almost Forgot

My pals from my homeland (California) came for a visit, specifically to attend my wedding! It was so fun catching up. I only wish that they could have stayed a bit longer. 

Sarah, Katie, and Karsen (she's always making weird faces for photos) at Taco Cabana. 

Later that night as my chums helped me with a few last minute wedding decorations, Sarah took the opportunity to make her very first finger-painting. This sillyness reminded me of old times. 

And now, a few photos from the honeymoon. I wasn't very smart during this trip and didn't take my camera with me absolutely every we went, which was a big mistake, resulting with only these few that I liked. We went to Ruidoso and stayed in the coziest cabin. It was such fun to get away and experience a new place. 

The creepiest dolls possibly ever. 

A huge game of checkers. 

Check this out (click to enlarge). I totally beat Ryan at Yahtzee... and it was my first time ever playing! Also, we bought that neat magnet galavanting about Ruidoso.  

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