Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day Two

The second time around was MUCH more fun. My sister and I were able to bring our cameras into the venue in El Paso. And Holly came with us too! Taking pictures at this show made me realize that maybe I should look into getting some new lenses. My sister was using a 50mm lens and her photos turned out much brighter than mine. She said it's a great lens for portraits too. It could potentially change my life. All I gotta do is save up $400... 

Anyway, here's Bill Beckett. 

It's Hellogoodbye! 

I wish Hellogoodbye could have had a longer set, but they weren't headlining this tour. Relient K was. (Relient K is still a band?) I was never a Relient K fan. One of their songs sounded familiar to me, haha. (Not trying to hate on RK fans.) 

Aaaaaand it just so happened that my uncle's band was playing at a hotel down the street from the venue. What a happy coincidence! We went there afterward and I DANCED. I had forgotten that I was tired and sore from standing so long at the concert and danced to a handful of their songs. Felt good. 
My uncle is the guy in the hat. It was also his birthday that day! 
Fun night. 

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