Thursday, August 2, 2012

White Sands

We went to White Sands last night for a church youth activity. 

I love taking pictures here. 

So I'm about to leave this town and see my sister in Albuquerque! We've got a couple of Hellogoodbye shows to see. Yes, she wants to go to two of their concerts in a row. I'll be taking a bus up there. All by myself. I've never done that before! It will probably be rather boring though. 

Lots of photos to come! 


  1. I took a bus for the first time today! It was quite boring, but swell as well.
    Lovely photos. Is this white sands place located close to Albuquerque?

    - - - - -

  2. Oh wow! This place is BEAUTIFUL! Where is this exactly??? I want to go! And the pictures you took are amazing! For real! I heart them tons!


  3. I would love to see the white sands! Looks like so much fun. I wish we had places like that where I live

  4. Lovely background! All of the pictures are wonderful! Have fun and stay safe on your trip!
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  5. That looks like an awesome place for photos! Is that your hubby doing the flip? That's so cool! And that last pic of u is so pretty!


  6. you look beautiful in that last photo, my dear.


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