Friday, August 17, 2012

Double the Style

Anne and I are both itchin' to go back to school. Anyone else feel the same? 
After Anne and I hung out, I got to visit with my friend Mae before she goes back to Albuquerque. She owns a small jewelry business and I bought a few necklaces from her that I'm excited to feature on this blog. Sweet! 
Anne: revived vintage dress, shoes & belt? probably vintage too
Beverly: skirt: thrifted, shirt: H&M, shoes: Payless

And that's that. 


  1. you both are absolutely beautiful!! love your style!
    xo TJ

  2. Does your friend have a blog? I love that dress. Also, love your collar and am sooo glad you've seen Spork! We started watching it to be stupid, but it turned out being pretty funny! I love the ghetto black girl and all her swagggggg. She knows how to work it.

    - - - - -

  3. You're both so cute! Yes dido with Emily does she have a blog? These photos look awesome!

  4. You guys are cute! Great outfits! Nice blog...motivates me to start using my DSLR more often...I just haven't figured it out yet!

  5. These are so cute! You two definitely look ready for school! That's fun that you took outfit pictures with your friend :) and I LOVE the collar on your top!


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