Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ladies Celebrating Ladies

Galentine's Day! Arizona blogger style. 
I was so stoked when I first found out about the Galentines themed meet-up. I had celebrated G-day the last two years with friends, and I was getting a little bummed knowing that I wouldn't be able to celebrate with those friends since we moved. But how great is it that I was able to party with new friends this year?? What I loved about this event is that we were all paired up with another blogger for a gift exchange. We had to blog stalk them to discover their interests and get a gift based on that. Is that not the best idea? 
It's not Galentine's Day without waffles. We were treated with Waffle Love! Oh that Biscoff spread. And that whipped cream. We also had chocolate covered strawberries. 
Sam ... Jenna ... Melanie
Trissa ... Brittany ... Melanie ... me ... Lydia
I always get a little nervous before these type of events, but I always surprise myself with how easily I'm able to talk to others. Maybe it's just because I already felt like I knew a few of these gals through their blogs. It was just a great Saturday to curl my hair, actually wear some makeup, and get out of the house. I felt so refreshed coming back home to my responsibilities as a mom. I'm excited to hang out with some of you again and to see what's in store for the next meet-up. 
A huge thanks to Camille, Kayla, and Chrissy for planning this whole thing. 

All photos thanks to Lydia of Photography Hill. 


  1. haha i was wondering if it was waffle love when i saw your instagram. that biscoff is SO GOOD.

  2. I know what you mean about feeling nervous--I always get the same way! Glad I am not alone in that. You are such a doll and it was great to see you the other day!

  3. Loved Galentine's Day! Definitely felt nervous going but was so glad I did- introvert win. So happy that I'm not the only one who feels that way! So glad to meet you!

  4. I was definitely nervous about going too, but I'm glad I did! It was so much fun and I'm glad I finally got to meet you after spending so much time stalking your blog =)


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