Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rain on My Parade

We attended the Electrical Light Parade last night to kick off Independence Day. It rained. A lot. Which is pretty great for the desert. I had never been to this parade, but I knew not to expect too much, and I was right in doing so, haha. Little city parades are never too exciting, but we had fun nonetheless.

It was New Mexico's 100th birthday yesterday! What an outrageous cake. 

An actual torch for a hot air balloon. It was super warm even from where we were standing. 

Tribute to Roswell? 

Ryan was soaking wet. 

Holly and Ronnie. 

So, it was an experience.

This morning we went to a Fourth of July breakfast at church, and tonight we'll watch fireworks at the park. Hopefully it doesn't rain as much as it did last night. There's a 40% chance, but it's looking more like a 60% chance!

Happy 4th :) 


  1. Parades are so fun! Happy 4th! We just celebrated Canada Day but I missed the fireworks :(

  2. oh yum. I want chocolate chips on pancakes now! hehe. I have never been to a parade at night, except in Disneyland! I think they should do more night parades, sitting outside in the sun just ain't fun! You two are adorable.


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