Saturday, July 21, 2012


That's right, we went camping. This was our first little camping trip together. It was nice to have some secluded alone time with Ryan after five days without him. 

The highlight of our trip was this hike we went on. It was a little over four miles, but it seemed longer at times. 

It seemed like it took forever to finally reach this halfway point. 

Dinner. It tasted like Chef Boyardee. There were all sorts of other goodies in there too! A pudding mix, "snack bread" with peanut butter, a pop-tart, fruit punch drink mix, and stuff to make coffee. All prepared without fire or a stove. Chemistry, man. 

It wasn't my idea to sleep in the back of the truck (we lack a tent), and it was as comfortable as it seemed (it was a little bit terrible). But it was pretty cool sleeping under so many stars. 

Breakfast: soyrizo, eggs, and green chile for burritos. 

Although we weren't completely prepared, I'm glad we went camping together. At least we know better for the next time. And if possible, I'd like to go once more before summer ends. 

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